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Our Goals:

  • To build up men that can then inspire, mentor, and strengthen other men in our community.
  • A brotherhood of leaders to mentor and inspire homes and communities for generations to come.

It all begins here.

According to AFSP: “. . .men die by suicide 3.63 times more often than women. 70% of all suicides are men.”

Mental Health America ranks Utah specifically as a state with one of the highest prevalences of adult mental illness with a percentage on the AMI (Any Mental Illness) chart of 26.86%.

We know we can’t solve these problems overnight but we hope to push the needle forward by creating a safe space for men to decompress, re-evaluate and seek treatment for a variety of mental health issues that may be keeping them from living life to the fullest. We recognized that there wasn’t enough options for men who may have reached the peak of their mental health journey and we wanted to be a part of the solution.

Through outreach, advocacy and alternative options we hope to give those that may not see a way out, a light at the end of the tunnel. We hope to contribute to the destigmatization of mens mental health through in-person resources that will open up conversations and create more safe spaces.

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